Team Vancouver & Tofino on board!

So it has been busy around here lately getting all geared up for the summer months. We have officially booked a space @ EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo. Who’s we? Me & my new partner in crime Sheena Heinrichs! Sheena is a lovely energetic lady who when hearing about Freeset wanted to do what she could to help! She is TEAM VANCOUVER and will be around this summer at different markets and events, come & chat with us May 28-30 @ EPIC!!!

We would also like to send out a big warm WELCOME to Jamie & Caitlin up in Tofino! These girls are amazing! They will be at the market in Tofino all summer allowing locals & tourists alike the chance to be conscious consumers and support the Freeset Women! What’s even more amazing? These girls are doing the whole thing pro-bono! Every penny they earn profit from their sales will end up back in India to help the Freeset Women out even more! Glad to have you Team Tofino, we wish you luck!


Ali  Rushton
Ali Rushton