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Engage. Act. Be Freedom.

July 26, 2010

We've have spent some time in the last couple weeks getting things spiced up around here! We've posted additional information about the work that Freeset is up too, because well we think it is super important, and well we hope that you do too!

Always growing, pushing and working to help more women everyday in Sonagacchi, one of Kolkata's (Calcutta's) largest, oldest and most infamous red light districts, earn an opportunity to change their situation.  Freeset has grown over the last 9 years to currently employ over 150 women on a full time basis. Earning benefits as well as a Fair Trade wage, these women are working for the opportunity afforded them, and working to help afford the same opportunity for some 10,000 more women trapped and traded into sexual slavery in this neighborhood of Kolkata. 

With every bit of profit earned by the efforts of the Freeset Team, funds are recycled back into affording more positions and equipment for more women to be able to gain work and exit slavery in the sex trade. 

How can you help? Check out the awesome handy work of these ladies who fabricate stylish jute bags and t-shirts, everyone of them hand made for you to love. Educate yourself regarding the sex trade and share the stories of these women with people you know. Help get the word out that slavery still exists, and it still isn't OK.

Earning 50 cents per encounter, sometimes less, a young girl can become trapped in the trade for a lifetime trying to repay a debt as little as $20. 

Learn more about the efforts of Freeset here... Check out their website as well for more great info, articles and product information. 

Consider that you can become someones freedom.

Engage. Act. Be Freedom.

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