Gateway Project

July 11, 2015

Freeset has embarked on an ambitious project attempting to acquire a new building for more production space, and that means more jobs for more women. Sounds like a really good move to us!



The Goal

The goal of the Freeset Gateway Campaign is to expand the capacity of Freeset—allowing more women and girls to have access to employment and social services. The focus is our neighbourhood of Sonagacchi, one of the largest red-light districts in Asia, where more than 10,000 women and girls are trapped in the sex trade. 

Our broader vision is to build on our experience and success to be a catalyst for the growth of new “freedom businesses,” providing women with an array of vocational choices. The Freeset Gateway Campaign will set the foundation for achieving that vision.

Click here if you'd like to head over and learn more about this awesome project! 

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