If you are needing additional customizations for your made to order bags or accessories, please reach out to us at for more details. Here is a brief list of some of the things we can accommodate: 

  • Custom fabric or raw materials - 2000 MOQ
  • Custom pattern or construction - 2000 MOQ
  • Silk Labels (Printed) - 1000 Labels per size
  • Cotton Labels (Woven) - 5000 Labels
  • Paper Swing Tag - 5000 Tags
  • Product Packaging - 1000 Units
  • Plastic Sleeves - 2 cents per package.

Kindred Apparel Inc and Joyya (our manufacturer) retain the right to decline customization requests even if the order is greater than the required MOQ, for any or no reason.

Customized products have a longer lead-time to allow for sourcing, production and increase quality checks.

Costs of custom labels, tags and packaging will be estimated and quoted as a surcharge.

Rules for custom labels, swing tag and packaging are subject to Joyya's private label and co-branding policy

Any custom product development will be charged a flat fee of $250 with up to 50% of the fee refunded if the order is confirmed.