Freeset Summary

In 2010 Freedom Enterprises was founded for the sole purpose of connecting Canadian consumers with the opportunity to support the life changing business and story that is Freeset. We challenge our customers to engage their world, act in response, and become a source of freedom for one of the 14 million people currently living in conditions of slavery.

Human trafficking and poverty feed India’s sex trade, where women and children forced into prostitution face a life without choices, marginalized by society.

Freeset is a bag and apparel manufacturing business whose purpose is to provide these women with a way out of prostitution, or in the case of younger women, a way to avoid it altogether. Women are employed on the basis of their need for a job, not the skills they bring to it. They are trained, paid a good wage and signed up to a health insurance plan and pension fund. For many it is the first time they can be proud of the place they work. Best of all they begin their journey to freedom.

You contribute to women’s ongoing freedom when you buy the eco friendly Freeset products they have made.