noun: kindred
  1. one's family and relations.
adjective: kindred
  1. similar in kind; related.

Kindred is the perfect word for what we do. It reminds us that every action affects those we share this planet with, and it encourages us to pursue social mindfulness and environmental sustainability.

We’ve been at this for 13 years. With a simple goal, rooted in our global compassion, and enthusiasm to support organizations that are choosing to do business differently. More specifically this has meant a long term and meaningful partnership with our fair trade supplier JOYYA (previously named Freeset). Our customers are mindful, soulful people, who work hard, play harder, and care about the impact they have on the world. And so do we! That’s why we provide high quality, on-trend, fair trade and organic merchandise, with heart.

What does (with heart) mean?

Not only do our products offer recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural fibers, but they also offer the Kindred value of social mindfulness.

Kindred is the Canadian Distributor for JOYYA
, a fair trade operation based out of Kolkata, India, that offers empowerment strategies for women who have come face to face with the realities of human trafficking. We want to bring their story and products to you.  

Nearly 175+ women have taken their lives back thanks to JOYYA. They are trained, paid wages double to that of comparable employment, given a health insurance plan, a pension fund, education opportunities, and even free childcare. For many, it’s the first time they have a sense of autonomy over their lives. Employment with JOYYA is based on the individual’s need and desire for a job, not their skill set. If that’s not enough, profits for JOYYA are turned into funds to further grow the business, and to bring more women the opportunity of employment.

Your purchases have impact, and by choosing Kindred, the official Canadian distributor of JOYYA products, for your individual or corporate needs, you are empowering women, prioritizing our environment, and supporting businesses with heart. Browse our online store for individual orders, or contact us for wholesale and custom designs. We look forward to connecting with you!

~ Kindred founder Alexandra Bouchard