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Browse this gallery of just some of the many great items that Freeset has created for our valued customers in Canada over the last 8 years.



With the obvious worthwhile basis that helps women in India overcome poverty, this made for a good initial reason to order product from Freeset. However, there was more to Freeset than the overt altruistic cause;  The ordering process was flawless and simple and the product is stylish and well-made. The modernistic reviewing software, along with the detailed personalization's with branding and tagging made for an exceptional experience dealing with Freeset and Kindred Apparel.

If you are in need of product, we would highly recommend Freeset! The merchandise even arrived ahead of time with each t-shirt being separately wrapped. Incredible!         

- Michael Gunn, Choir Tour Co-Ordinator, Watoto Canada




It was a couple years ago now that we stumbled onto this gem of an organization and have be blessed to work with them every year since. The product is wonderful and they always seem to be looking for ways to improve even though it is already great. The best part for us has been their customer service. My questions are answered quickly and problems sorted out right away and always helpful in our artwork and getting it just the way we want it. Even better yet the product always comes quickly! 

- Ginny Bryant, Volunteer Coordinator, Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp




'Every year in our company we gift our employees and vendors with ethical and socially conscious gifts, and now with Freeset we get to put those gifts in a bag that represents the same value as the gifts inside. The bags they made for us turned out even better than I imagined…can't wait to fill them up!'

- Sigi Bartel, Red Dot Restorations LTD. & Epic Roofing and Exteriors LTD.

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