Meet Gauri

Meet Gauri

Meet Gauri


Here is a quick interview with Gauri*
a member of the JOYYA team who works in the screen printing department.

As one of our customers, you become
a part of supporting stories like hers. 

(*name has been changed)

When do you wake up in the morning?

I don’t have an alarm but still, I manage to wake up at 4 AM. If any day I am late, my whole day turns topsy turvy.

After waking up, what do you do?

I clean the entire house. I sweep the courtyard too. My house is made of mud, so I paint it with cow dung twice a week. Then I cook food for the family. I have a differently abled child, so I get all things ready for her before I start for the office.

How long does it take for you to reach work?

I don’t keep a track of time. Maybe 3 hours to reach the office and 3.5 hours while returning home.

How do you commute to the work?

I travel by auto-rickshaw for some distance, then change two buses to finally arrive at the office.

What are the challenges you face while traveling?

It’s tiring as I travel a long distance. After going home, I cook dinner. By the time I sleep, it’s midnight. And early in the morning I wake up. Also, I leave my child alone at home, so I often think of her.

How are you always so cheerful and full of energy?

I am living for my two daughters. I am their only support. My elder daughter is in a boarding school. She is good at her studies. Now she is in grade 9. I want to educate her. She must go to college. I am more concerned about my younger daughter; she can’t move freely. She needs my support all the time. If I am not there, I don’t know how she will survive. The work I do is a huge support for me. Besides financial, it gives me hope for a good future. I always think it’s a struggle for me now, but one day everything will turn around. Here I have good friends. They care for me. I can share things with them. If someday I am not able to cook, they carry lunch for me.

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