We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for JOYYA (previously named Freeset). 

JOYYA manufactures high quality bags and apparel for all your promotional, packaging and decorator needs. But that is just the beginning!

JOYYA was founded through the merger of three companies that knew they would be better together. They originally started back in 2001 in Kolkata, India, with one ambitious goal: to spark opportunity where little is found until we see an end to the horrors of extreme poverty and human trafficking. This is the beginning of our new journey together.

So, What does this look like?

Betting on the battlers in life - joining together to form a new way of being.

Creating economic opportunities where it usually doesn't stand a chance - offering meaningful employment so that people are empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Being good to each other, our neighbors, and the earth - providing basic human needs like education and childcare and crafting our goods in a way the planet would be proud of.

Partnering to spread our vision - Finding like-minded businesses that want to see prosperity and happiness flourish and joining to make that vision a reality.



Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills is based in Kolkata, India. The organisation was set up in 1934, and they are a pioneer in organic garment manufacturing in India. Seeking to combine high quality tailoring with a fair deal for farmers and workers, Rajlakshmi use mostly organic and Fair Trade cotton as well as other sustainable fibres such as Tencel, Modal and Linen. The cotton is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), FLO-Fairtrade and Fair Trade-USA.

The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mill sources its cotton from Chetna Organic  Cotton, a Fairtrade cotton project supporting 6,000 farmers. Rajlakshmi orients its production around sustainability; it is  certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and reuses 50 percent of its waste water. This is achieved by  collaborating with dye houses and installing reverse osmosis machines. Sludge is converted into fertiliser and fabric scraps are taken from the cutting tables and recycled to produce paper.

 Worker Benefits and Community Projects

 - Education for workers
 - Children eye examination and operation site
 - Free transportation to and from factories
 - 10% annual bonus regardless of profitability
 - 2 weeks of festival leave
 - Skills training for upward mobility
 - Subsidized canteen services

Rajlakshmi management and staff collaborate with a local NGO to calculate a living wage for employees every six months - and ensure that the lowest paid workers are paid above this rate. Wages are verified by independent third party audits to ensure compliance with Fair Trade USA standards.

In addition, 10% of Rajlakshmi shares have been gifted to the Chetna farmers, so the farmers now receive a share of Rajlakshmi profits.


- Global Organic Textile Standard.
- FLOCERT (FLO ID 4512).
- SA8000 
- ISO 9001:2000
- OEKOTEX 100  


Chetna Organics is working with small and marginal farmers towards improving their livelihood options and making farming a sustainable and profitable occupation. We work with farmers from the rain-fed regions of Maharashtra, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh covering around 43,500 acres. From 234 farmer members in 2004 to around 35,852 in 2014, Chetna’s strength has been collective action and the fair supply chain. Chetna assists and works to improve farm productivity, promote food security, get better prices for their crops and invest in health, education and business infrastructure within their communities. A self elected association: the Chetna Organic Farmer Association (COFA) has been established with the assistance of staff and support agencies. COFA as a platform not only helps farmers to voice concerns, share space in the textile supply chain and understand its complexities, but also helps farmers to have a better negotiation position.

Our ethics and certifications:

- Global Organic Textile Standard.
- FLOCERT (FLO ID 4018).
- COFA (Chetna Organic Farmer Association)


We are committed to fair trade ond only stock products from fair trade businesses. Our producers are members of the FLOWOFTO and the fair trade federation.  This means they are committed to providing fair living wages and a healthy working environment for all employees. Our producers wages are at well above the national minimum, and all staff receive training, health care, childcare and savings plans. 


Our raw materials are sourced from suppliers who use sustainable farming and production processes. They avoid the use of chemicals, hormones, and preservatives which damage the earth and are harmful to people.  When pesticides and fertilizers are used to grow cotton there is an extraordinary impact on the earth and on those who work it. We only use GOTS certified organic cotton, and a 100% GOTS certified organic process for dyeing.


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